About Us

SchoolTuition.co.za is an online provider of video lessons for South African intermediate phase (grades 4 to 6) learners. We understand the importance of a good grounding during the "read to learn" phase of school education. These are skills that learners will require throughout their schooling and even tertiary education career.

However, the transition can be difficult for many learners and our platform was developed to assist during this crucial phase.

All content on the SchoolTuition.co.za website is CAPS-based and in line with the objectives outlined by the South African Department of Basic Education (DBE). Our video content is accessible 24 hours a day and is helpful in keeping pace with individual learners' needs and abilities. We have also included online tests and study notes to assist intermediate phase learners with their academic goals.

When did we start?

SchoolTuition.co.za is not an online school or curriculum provider. We cater for a broad demographic, from learners in both private and public schools to homeschooled learners as well as learners in other countries who are following the South African curriculum.

SchoolTuition.co.za was registered in 2013 with the South African domain registry. Our initial operation commenced in late 2014 where we provided a platform for private tutors and learners to connect. We identified the need for an online solution to tutoring that was not limited by geographical restrictions, individual tutor availability and time zones.

In 2018, SchoolTuition.co.za partnered with like-minded South African business to create an e-learning solution. Due to the plethora of online education providers focussing on languages and maths, SchoolTuition.co.za opted to focus on other subjects. Our initial offering is online video lessons on geography and natural science and technology for grades 4 and 5.

What are our future goals?

We are planning to expand our online services to cater for other subjects such as life orientation (LO) as well as to provide lessons on these subjects for grade 6.  Along with our partners Ontrepid Media and Resivient Holdings, we hope to launch these new products in early to mid 2019. The team at SchoolTuition.co.za is constantly working with industry leaders to offer learners an affordable and convenient e-learning solution while incorporating new technologies to facilitate more effective learning.