Worksheets Work for Grade 4 to 6 Learners

Although was initially developed to be an entirely online platform, we recognised the importance of print material for young learners. The fact is that schools in South Africa are still largely paper-based and worksheets work well for learning and revision. We have bridged the gap by providing online tests which are largely the same as their paper counterpart – our print worksheets.

Download and Print Worksheets

Our focus is on maths, natural science and technology as well as English literacy, specifically spelling, and our worksheets complement our video lessons and online tests. Worksheets are available to download and print as many times as you want.

Your child also does not have to be restricted by the pace of classroom learning. With access to the entire year’s worksheets in all topics in maths, natural science and English spelling, your child can move ahead at their own pace. This prevents children from losing interest in the standard pace laid out by the school.

Large Print and Pictures

Whether you have a grade 4, 5 or 6 learner, there is no denying that children dislike small print and pages with no pictures. All of our worksheets are designed in a larger font so that you child has ample space to write without feeling overwhelmed by a large quantity of work in small text.

We have made our natural science and technology worksheets more graphical with diagrams and pictures incorporate into worksheets. Our goal is to make learning more exciting, even when it comes to a traditional approach like worksheets and the simple aspects, like font size and pictures make a difference.

Making it easier for learners and parents

The English spelling worksheets have been developed with both learners and parents in mind. Every involved parent knows how important it is to work with children particularly when it comes to English spelling and literacy as a whole. It’s not just about reading books.

The best way to learn spelling is to try and try again. Our English spelling worksheets provides lists of words that parents can use in spelling tests, along with simple sentences illustrating the use of the word in question. Our online English spelling tests does the same but the worksheets are ideal for offline use.

We are constantly striving to improve our e-learning platform and print worksheets complement our video lessons and online tests.